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Phoenix Garage Storage System for Maximizing the Utilization of Space

When you first move into your home, you see it through rose colored glasses. “This home is perfect!” you will say. However, as time passes, the little flaws that were once glossed over become all you notice. Some of these flaws are permanent features of the home (the view from your bedroom window is a neighbor’s wall, noise from passing airplanes due to being near an airport, etc.), while others are things you can fix. Some of these fixes are very economical and others will break the bank. While increasing the square footage of the home may be very costly, maximizing the space you have is not! You can make better use of space all over your home, but the garage is the perfect place to start since there is a very affordable solution in the Phoenix metro area.

The solution to your garage storage needs is in the form of overhead shelves, wall-mounted cabinetry, and other more specified accessories like mounted bike racks and garden hose hangers. Speaking with the expert garage storage installer at Garage Storage Solutions will inform you on what is possible with your particular garage.

Why Garage Storage Matters…

Much better than merely buying some boxes; having professionally installed storage hardware will improve the space in both form and function. When you move your clutter off the floor and out of the way, you make the area safer for foot traffic. Most of the danger people face is in the home as clutter encroaches more and more on walk ways near the stairs or around corners where visibility is poor.

Another problem is the fact that unwanted critters are attracted to clutter. It is both a hiding place and a food source to so many pests. Everyone is familiar with the gross and annoying pests like rats and roaches that also can make your family sick, but Arizonans are familiar with desert vermin such as scorpions and rattlesnakes. All of whom will be more than glad to settle in with your disorganized messes!

Boxes will not prevent the most determined pests from taking root in your home, especially the garage. Since a garage is not sealed airtight, it will have various insects and other small critters that make their way inside. Having your excess belonging stored on racks overhead will take away the most convenient hiding spaces and food sources, causing them to quickly leave and settle in the garage of one of your less organized neighbors!

Organizing Your Garage is as Easy as Dialing a Number!

Are you ready to have a garage you can be proud to open when others are around? Do you want to know exactly where your garden tools are and have them easily accessible when you need them? Are you trying to reduce the likelihood you will be reaching into a box on the ground and getting stung by a scorpion? If so, call (602) 566-9939 and have the good people at Garage Storage Solutions explain all your options and pricing. Right now for a limited time, they are offering two 4×8 foot units installed overhead for $450. Act fast; this deal won’t last long!


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