Tips on How to Sell a House Fast in Phoenix, Arizona

If you are looking into selling your house, you may have by now known that the process can be stressful and frustrating. This is especially if you need to do it fast, and this is mostly the case. At first you may start out hopeful, get a few potential buyers to view the property but with time, there is the anxiety of no one making an offer on your house or worse yet, people making you offers that are way below your set price. There are ways to avoid all this frustration; follow the following to tips on how to sell a house fast in Phoenix without making any compromises.

The selling price: set it right

The selling price is one of the first factors potential buyers look at to decide whether they will go ahead and view the property or whether they will dismiss it as it is not in their price range. It is a major contributing factor that determines whether your house will sell fast. One would think that they need to start off with a high price so that the prospects can negotiate lower. This is a risky move as price can at turn off a prospective buyer at first glance. This may in turn cause your house to sit in the market listings for long which is not a good sign. People normally assume that a house that has been in the market for long has a problem.

On the other hand, pricing too low will be a definite cost to you. The bottom line is to get value for your property- the right value at that. The key is to price your house competitively, carefully considering the market rates.

Neutralize your home: Depersonalize

A step in getting your house ready for sale is to neutralize the space. Your home has hints of your personality- as it should. The problem with this is that a buyer needs to see their personality fit into the house on sale. It needs to stop feeling like your space and feel like space that is open to adaptation. Remove the many family photos, art pieces and the vibrant paint colours that just scream out your personality. Create a calm environment that anyone can see themselves personalizing. De-clutter, remove the personalized decorations and create a model space.

Stage it right and photograph it well

The search for a home is a visual one. We can therefore not underestimate the power that your house’s photography will hold. People will be attracted to the houses that appeal to them visually. To achieve this, as a seller you need to stage the rooms well and have good quality photography to accompany your listing. Have all the rooms look and play their role with the right furniture and accessories and hire a professional photographer who will accentuate the strengths of your house. You want to invite people to view your house, this is the bait.

Work on your Curb Appeal: Upgrade your garage door

You know what they say about first impressions. As noted earlier, a home search is visual in nature. To sell a house fast, you want potential buyers to not only think that your house is attractive, but also acknowledge that it is. No one wants to live in an ugly house. Work on having your house look well kept and beautiful on the outside. Get opinions from friends, agents and even strangers on how your house looks and what suggestions they have in improving its visual appeal. You can start by the basics such as landscaping, manicuring the lawn, cleaning the driveway and exterior walls and upgrading your garage door.

Do not overlook the appearance and functionality of a garage door and the impact it has on selling a house. A garage door plays an important role on how all the exterior elements of a house comes together and most buyers are aware of this. By upgrading your garage door, you get instant curb appeal as it a very visible part of your house’s exterior. You also tackle the home security issue. The garage door is by default a security feature since it is one of a house’s entry point. An upgraded garage door gives potential buyers peace of mind when it comes to security. Remember, bait.

Interior: Make some general upgrades

The interior appearance cannot be ignored as well for obvious reasons. To get value for a house, present it as so- valuable. Take your time and do repairs and fix the interior space so that a buyer does not feel like they will be burdened to do an upgrade. Do small upgrades and repairs around the house. Check the utilities, upgrade the kitchen and toilet sinks, replace the worn out kitchen cabinet, light the spaces up and add some basic accessories that are not so expensive but give the rooms personality. Also remember that most buyers can only make a purchasing decision after they get a home inspector’s report for their assurance. Keep this in mind and have your house meet the required standards.

While doing upgrades a seller needs to focus on the return on investment so one does not necessarily need to remodel the whole interior space.

Hire the right real estate agent

The final tip on selling a house fast is to get professional help from a person who is trained to sell property fast. Get an agent with a good track record-check their reviews, one who understands the market environment, your house and neighborhood, someone who can be honest with you and give you the correct advice that will facilitate easier and faster selling. Have a commission engagement where it will be in the agent’s best interest to price the house well and sell within an acceptable timeframe. A good real estate agent will take away the stress of selling the house and save you time and money.

If you follow the above tips you are well assured of selling your house in the shortest market time possible and at a very fair market rate. No compromises.

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